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Joukowsky equation

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    Hello everyone.
    How do you do ! - this is my first post here.

    A fluid dynamics question : do you know if the famous Joukowsky equation ([tex]\Delta P = \rho a \Delta V[/tex] ) applies to gases too ?

    I have found a huge number of publications which mention the Joukowsky equation in relation to water hammer, i.e. the pressure wave(s) generated by a sudden closure of a valve in a water pipe.

    On the other hand a similar phenomenon occurs with gases (although the pressure wave has lower amplitude). e.g. steam hammer. But very few publications mention it 0_o.

    Does it have another name ? a different mathematical description (since gases are compressible) ?

    This paper seems to indicate that the equation works for liquid+gas mixtures
    http://www.ipt.ntnu.no/~jsg/publikasjoner/papers2002/Houston2002PressurePulse.pdf [Broken]
    But how about gas only ?

    Any hint is welcome
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