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Journal of cosmology and gravitation

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    which journal specifically i have to hope a little time for a response of acept or reject?

    and ,

    where the time of to hope is big?
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    I seriously doubt anyone understands what your asking. Try to provide us more detail on the nature of your question.
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    i would like sent a publication for some journal of physics
    wich is the journal most fast at acept a paper?

    in spanish:
    me gustaría enviar una publicación a alguna revista, ¿cuales son las revistas mas rápidas en entregar una respuesta de aceptación o rechazo?
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    The faster and easier it accepts a paper, the less reputable it is. So you are asking for the least reputable journal that takes papers on cosmology and gravitation?

    Can't (and wouldn't want to) help with that. I can say that a reputable journal is:

    Classical and Quantum Gravity.
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    i was think that the journal most reputable is the faster in acept (or reject) a paper, since the number of referees is tall ,
    and the journal less reputable is not faster, since the number of referees is small

    in spanish:
    gracias, yo antes pensaba que el journal mas rápido en aceptar o rechazar un paper era el de mayor reputación, ya que ellos pensaba yo, poseían un mayor número de arbitros
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