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Keeping up the craziness factor

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    this seems crazy to me
    and I refuse to spend another minute on it.

    however, maybe cosmology as a field needs to be periodically shaken up
    by crazy-sounding ideas. Does this fill the bill?

    my personal view is I am skeptical that dark energy and dark matter even exist. but here is somebody in Krakow (at the "Center for Complicated Systems" or some such institution) who believes that indeed not only do they both exist but one may transform itself into the other, and so on...
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    Hmmm. I think it's pretty radical, but possible. It's too ad hoc to suit my taste [like MOND], but testable predictions might sweeten it up. One thing I find very troubling is the apparent low surface brightness of galaxies at the same distance as the high z supernova. I can look up the paper if anyone cares to kick it around. Coincidences make me nervous.
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