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Kinetic energy of water molecules after shaking

  1. May 16, 2014 #1
    When water is vigorously shaken the kinetic energy and, hence, the motion of the molecules increase. Which particular forms of energy do increase : the translational energy (is this the energy associated with the collision and the chaotic random motion of the water molecules ?) or also the vibrational one (vibration of the atoms in the water molecules ?) and the rotational one (rotation of the atoms ?) Is the (slight) temperature change after shaking also caused by the increase in vibration and rotation of the atoms in the water molecules or only by their collision ?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Get a box of random shaped objects and shake it - does the shaking affect only the translational behavior of the objects or does it change the rotating behavior too? IF some of the objects are springy, you can carefully look to see if shaking affects the vibrational behavior as well.

    How is specific heat affected by the number of degrees of freedom in the molecule you mean?
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