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Know your Seasons

  1. Aug 7, 2009 #1
    Just made this, it's interesting to look at. Might be useful for vacation planning as well ;)

    http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/7205/bluemarble2004months.gif [Broken]
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    Thats actually really cool.
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    Very nice!
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    Or retirement planning...maybe I should learn Spanish :smile:!
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    Australians never get any snow?
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    I've always wondered why not since they 'appear' to be so close to the south pole... same with parts of south america... why's it always nice down at the tip there??? But to the north it gets cold like 1/4 of the way down the entire earth lol... never looked it up tho.
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    We do get snow, but never in my area.
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    wow, that was so cool images, i downloaded it :) thanks
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    Nice one, JB,

    Lisa, you might just as well learn Dutch, you can see that The Netherlands stays snow free as well. But how about winter sports?

    Anyway look in the right corner, the northernmost area in Siberia, the Taimyr Peninsula, it appears to stay white all through the year. Now this area is renowned for an abundance of mammal fossils, like horses, bisons, aurochs, lions, antilopes oh yes and mammoths too, all carbon dated around 50,000 - 10,000 years which happened to be the last ice age.

    So it remains winter all year over there but during the ice age it appeared to be a productive meadow, hosting herds of large herbivores (mega fauna)?

    And then it is not-done/ wrong/ enemy of the environment/ if one is wondering about the correct interpretation of all geologic records, which are the fundamentals of the global warming errrm ...thing?
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    George Jones

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    Very nice!

    I was expecting something along the lines of:

    Know your seasons ... listen to Vivaldi.
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    We're headed for a vacation in France later this month. I will certainly take this fascinating map into account in our plans.
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