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Kochen-Specker for two particles

  1. Nov 8, 2009 #1
    I've just saw Conway's lecture about "Free will" at princeton lectures online. It contains a nice explanation for the Kochen-Specker theorem for a spin-1 particle that is measured in 3 perpendicular directions (along symmetry directions).

    I find it plausible that the state of a system changes locally(!) once a measurement is done. This would resolve the paradox of a single spin-1 particle (in Conways version at least).
    I couldn't follow exactly what Conway said about two separated particles. If I assume that for whatever reason a measurement can change the state of the object, would it also resolve the problem for two separated particles? I assume that the measurement induced change of the object is only local.
    Anyone got an easy reference about Kochen-Specker for two separated particles? Or someone knows what I mean with my first statement and has an answer to my second question?
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