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Lagrange equation of motion for tensegrity

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    I have read this paper “Dynamic equations of motion for a 3-bar tensegrity based mobile robot” (1) and this one “Dynamic Simulation of Six-strut Tensegrity Robot Rolling”.

    1) http://digital.csic.es/bitstream/10261/30336/1/Dynamic equations.pdf

    I am trying to implement a tensegrity, actuated system following the first paper, but I came at a point that I calculate the Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy and virtual work of the system. I have to update the pose of each bar.

    The paper gives me the equation of motion (Euler-Lagrange) but uses the velocity and acceleration that i don’t know how to calculate. It says at the end about using Runge-Kutta integration but I don’t understand how I will define them in the first place or how i will proceed. I cannot understand how it’s updating the positions for the tensegrity to move.

    Thank you
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