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Homework Help: Lagrange interpolation polynomial

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    Hello everyone
    Here is my problem
    lagrange interpolation polynomial across the points(x0,y0),(x1,y1) and (x2,y2) is given by y0L0(x) + y1L1(x) + y2L2(x)

    where L0(x)=-x and L1(x)=x ^2 + x
    Therefore L2(x) is given by
    I tried it but i could'nt crack it
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    The polynomial [tex]L(x)=\sum_{k=0}^n f(x_{k}) \prod_{i=0, i \neq k}^n \frac{x-x_{i}}{x_{k}-x_{i}}[/tex] is called the Lagrangian interpolation polynomial for a function f and the points [tex]x_{0}, x_{1}, ..., x_{n}[/tex], and it has the same values as the function f in these points. So, all you have to do is find your function and your points.
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