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I Laser frequency doubling range for nonlinear crystals

  1. Mar 26, 2016 #1
    This is actually a straightforward question, but I'm struggling to find answers because I don't know very much about lasers. I want to use a nonlinear crystal for frequency doubling in an infrared laser (1480 nm) so that the output is half @ 740 nm. I know that nonlinear crystals like KTP are commonly used to achieve frequency doubling, and in the case of KTP I always see 1064 nm IR input taken down to 532 nm green output. What I don't know, is whether these crystals, for example, only work for 1064 nm input, or can be used for other wavelengths. If they can be used for other wavelengths, will the frequency always be doubled?

    When I look at the specs on commercial nonlinear crystals, there are a lot of terms that I think are related to my question, but that I don't quite understand (e.g. phase matching SHG wavelength, nonlinear optical coefficient, walk-off angle, angular bandwidth...etc). I attached a link to a website that mentions these terms and has a range of crystals you can choose from in their catalog.

    http://www.aotk.com/upload/Files/Nonlinear Optical Crystals.pdf
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    Andy Resnick

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    It is a straightforward question, but it's not easy to answer. You need a material that can achieve phase matching at the two wavelengths- however the phase matching is achieved. A quick search turned up PPLN, PPKTP, and KD*P, manufacturers may be able to help you find something:

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