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Laser Guidance, Maglav Wagon, Wifi barrier

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    Hey all!

    I am gearing up for next year to do a senior project, I want to knock it out in my spare time for the next 10 months.

    Ideas are:
    1) Laser guided missile- 2 phase motor, one to go up then again to go to 'lazed' target.
    2) Wifi barrier- setup focused jammers to create a 'wall' of interference
    3) MagLav wagon- Mix metals in concrete flooring and setup a wagon with inductors so all the weight is easily moved
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    Alright, well so far I have been working on the guidance for the missile. It has been easy to make a simple program where the sensors in the cone will have a value of 1 or 0 and then summed up for that region. I figured that with the speed at which this thing will be flying, it really does not need to be incredibly smart and simple case statements for comparing the regions will suffice with few exceptions. Once the region has a value, it translate to the motors hooked up to fin, blah blah blah....
    My only problem so far is making sure the system only picks up my laser and not all forms of light. My STM32 board and a simple circuit should be able to handle that after trouble shooting. I am now thinking about a good power source for the board and flaps to demo and one for actual flight.

    For the demo to profs it wont be flying and only be showing how when the laser moves the flaps move. But ill make sure a video goes up for when I get this puppy all put together.

    Has anyone done anything like this before???
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    Glad you went with #1 and #2. No reason to be doing anything illegal for a school project. :smile:

    The simplest way to distinguish your laser spot is to modulate it. You can use a continuous wave (CW) modulation at some frequency that does not have any natural light noise issues, or you could get fancier (like the military) and put a code in the modulation so that the projectile could distinguish which spot is its spot. That would be even a cooler project -- being able to have two projectiles in flight at once, hitting two different targets separated by a few meters.
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    LOL If i do it right i should get a visit from a few suits.... jk jk
    This sucks cause I am taking my signals class next semester so ill wait till then to do the modulation but i like the idea that it recognizes the laser via the 'pattern of light' the laser makes. That definitely changes my code though for sensor read out. Gotta love how this missile is getting smarter as i put more time into this project. Lastly, the only problem that I have now is figuring out how to set the flaps on the wings with the motor on account of the size of the missile. I want this thing as small as possible so that the wings do not have as much influence over the flight path. I am looking at these four little wings as softly turning the missile over a distance without sharp turns because the speed amplifies all the errors that could occur.

    Oh an the law states that I can "offensively" block wifi =D ....... which is why im sticking to a physical block with signal and not a hack. I am thinking about running the actual antenna along the say a fence with thick aluminum on each side but its open on the top an bot, would look like, | O | so that it creates more of a 'wall' than anything. Than have say, four beacons, each with an amp, setup in a given area...

    |.....wifi1.....| wifi2

    There should be little to no interference from wifi 2 on 1 and vice versa..... only issue is power LOL
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