Laser through optic fiber - out before through

  1. looking for information about phenomena when light through fiber out before through and photon reverses at exit time to negate entering photon leading to equilibrium of energy transfer. think it was coated with iridium or something. not sure. saw it reported on about a year or so ago.


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    Welcome to PF, Condonethis.
    Unfortunately, I think that there is a serious language barrier here. Your post makes no sense. Can you try to reword it?
  4. I think he's saying:

    I am looking for information about the phenomenon in which a photon is passed through a fiber and it exits at a time earlier than it actually enters the fiber. In this case, the photon reverses (through time) to negotiate with the same photon entering leading to "equilibrium of energy transfer".

    Barely decipherable.
  5. light was transmitted through a fiber optic cable and left the cable the instant it entered. after exiting the light wave enters and travels 50% of cable while simultaneously an opposing "reverse" light traverses the cable to 50% as they diminish into nothing at half the length of the optic wire, whereby conserving energy. hope this helps you help me!
  6. Much clearer. I've heard of this too, something like it anyway.
  7. Ummm, any more information on this? I don't see how this is possible and if it is how it could be old news?
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    I'm afraid that I've never heard of such a thing. I remember someone 'freezing' light; is this part of the same experiment?
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    It's a parlor trick of wave interference, nothing more.
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