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Homework Help: Last integration question in the book

  1. May 10, 2007 #1
    its the last question in the last book so its lengthy, and not specific to one thing,

    anyway a curve (that looks like an infinity symbol) is given by
    x = 3cost and y = 9sin2t, 0≤t<2pi

    a) find the cartesian in form y^2 = f(x)

    i done that no problem and got y^2 = 4x^2(9-x^2)

    b) show the shaded area enclosed by the curve and the x axis is given by
    [tex]\int_{0}^{\frac{\pi}{2}}Asin2t sint dt[/tex]
    stating the value of A

    the infinity sign shaped curve is cut in half horizontally by the x axis, (and vertically by the y and by itself) the shaded sector is the top right one.

    as the area = ∫ydx
    y = 9sin2t

    dx/dt = -3sint
    so dx = -3sintdt

    therefore area = ∫(9sin2t)(-3sintdt)
    = ∫ -27sin2tsintdt

    so A = -27
    but the answer gives +27...

    if i took +27 as my answer i can get the rest of the question right, but i get minus which doesnt make sense

    if you need the diagram clarified i can draw it if you wish

    thanks in advance
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    To find area, you should always take the absolute value of ydx (so if it goes under the curve, for example, it doesn't mess you up).

    The reason you're gettting a negative sign here is because at t=0, x=3. At t=Pi/2, x=0. So basically, you're integrating in the negative direction. Going in the opposite direction would give you the positive answer you would expect (since it is all above the x-axis anyway)
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    ahhhh i get it so what ive found was
    [tex]\int_{\frac{\pi}{2}}^{0}-27sin2t sint dt[/tex]

    which is equal to
    [tex]\int_{0}^{\frac{\pi}{2}}-(-27)sin2t sint dt[/tex]

    which ofcourse is +27

    thankyou so much that was really bugging me
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