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Lateral car velocity in a corner

  1. Jul 30, 2011 #1

    The problem is a car going around a corner. The car is moving at a known but changing longitudal speed, the yawrate and steering angle is known as well.
    Is it possible to calculate the lateral velocity of the car without knowing the cornering stiffness?(road/tire friction coefficient)

    Thank for your help
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    hello rabun! :smile:

    i don't understand the question :redface:

    surely the lateral velocity is zero? :confused:
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    Hello tiny tim

    No, I do dont think that it should be zero, though I might restate the question differently.

    In stead of a corner, since this might suggest constant angular velocity, picture a car changeing lanes on the highway. This would entail the forward velocity being somewhat constant.
    If I could measure the Yawrate and the angle of the front wheels of the car as well as the forward velocity would it be possible to calculate the lateral velocity at CG without cornering stiffness as the car changes lanes. Can it be done?

    Does this make my problem clearer? or am I further confusing everyone?

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