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Learning Physics on my own

  1. Feb 11, 2014 #1
    Hi, i am mechanical engineering bachelors student. I would like to switch to the pure physics field and for that, i have to study all the BS physics portions in one year, on my own ( I am staying home for an year after completing my engg degree to do this). Any advice on how I should do this effectively? Has anyone here studied physics on his own without attending a college for a physics degree?
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    I have not been in your situation, but I have had to study without going to lectures due to work..

    I guess you have already had electromagnetism, thermodynamics and classical mechanics. So, I think you should be more specific about what subjects you have to learn, but I can give you some advice anyhow:

    1. Youtube is your friend. Yale, Khanacademy, MIT and others have some great lectures there.
    2. This forum is your friend.
    3. Pick up more than one textbook on the subject you are trying to learn, and skim through them. You will usually find that you prefer one over the other.
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