What is Learning physics: Definition and 68 Discussions

Applying classical methods of machine learning to the study of quantum systems (sometimes called quantum machine learning) is the focus of an emergent area of physics research. A basic example of this is quantum state tomography, where a quantum state is learned from measurement. Other examples include learning Hamiltonians, learning quantum phase transitions, and automatically generating new quantum experiments. Classical machine learning is effective at processing large amounts of experimental or calculated data in order to characterize an unknown quantum system, making its application useful in contexts including quantum information theory, quantum technologies development, and computational materials design. In this context, it can be used for example as a tool to interpolate pre-calculated interatomic potentials or directly solving the Schrödinger equation with a variational method.

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  1. R

    Studying Specific guidance suggestions?

    Ok. Very long post incoming. I'm kind of in a conundrum where my context is important. I am self-teaching theoretical physics slowly but surely. My end goal is to be able to mathematically comprehend various quantum gravity theories such as LQG and String Theory. My calculus roots go back to...
  2. Lahouircha

    B Hi, I'm learning physics -- Why do things near me not fall toward me?

    Hi, I'm learning physics because I love it and I have many questions I'm struggling to understand the difference between laws of motion and universal gravitation Question 1 : For example : every object applies a force to another object like the Earth is attracted to the sun, so is the monitor...
  3. M

    Help on Learning Quantum Mechanics (Undergraduate)

    Summary:: I am in the highest level Quantum class at my university- technically considered a grad class. I am an undergrad and need advice on just how to learn it. What study tips? Good Youtubers? Physical simulations? Anything that helped you in quantum mechanics. Hello! I am an undergrad...
  4. P

    What is the focus of my research in theoretical physics?

    Hi, I am new here. My main interest is in theoretical physics, mainly quantum mechanics; in particular quantum foundations and the quantum measurement problem, also general relativity and cosmology; in fact all aspects of theoretical physics. [Mentor Note -- OP's YouTube channel...
  5. korwynkim

    Intro Physics General introductory physics books compared to specific books on each topic

    What exactly is the difference in the way an general physics book (Halliday and Resnick, Young and Freedman) covers topics like mechanics, EM, and thermodynamics, compared to respective books like Kleppner and Kolenkow, Griffiths, and Schroeder, other than the amount of material covered for each...
  6. J

    "Power reading" for learning physics?

    Does power reading works when learn physics fields,mechanics,aeorospace,electrics etc?
  7. N

    How to Start Learning Physics and Math from Scratch?

    Summary:: Learning physics I want to listen physics from scratch. Suggest books and online courses for me.I also want to learn from pre algebra to calculus.Help me.
  8. S

    Help learning physics through games?

    Summary: Anyone know any games that legitimately help when trying to understand basic concepts of physics? So I've been into studying physics for a while now but i feel like my attention span is holding me back. Almost nothing sticks. I always end up getting bored and playing video games or...
  9. topologyfreak

    Studying Should I start with a basic physics book without calculus?

    Hi, I want to start learning physics as I have never studied it in my life but have now taken an interest towards it. I have quite literally zero knowledge on physics, so assume I haven’t taken middle school or high school courses on physics, as I haven’t. I’m 17 currently, but that shouldn’t...
  10. Manny46

    Studying Should examples be looked at before solving problems?

    So, with introductory level Physics, say Mechanics (Halliday's book or Kleppner and Kolenkow), am I making a mistake by looking at examples after reading, and understanding theory before trying to solve exercise problems? How does this change with advanced undergraduate level/beginning graduate...
  11. Rhi_heart_Phy

    What's the most effective way to study/learn physics?

    Ive always been fascinated by the subject, and i absolutely love learning new concepts, especially when theyre intriguing and brain-twisting, but i can never seem to grasp onto the depths of concepts for a long time. Suppose, if i stop working out problems for a week or so on a particular...
  12. M

    Intro Physics Is Learning Calculus First Necessary for Self-Studying Physics?

    Hello. I’d like to self-learn physics. basically starting from a zero knowledge background to keep things simple. I have asked before and some individuals said that it is using your time to learn it once you know calculus? Is this true or should I start learning the basics now so that when I...
  13. Robin04

    Why did you start learning physics?

    Why did you decided to learn physics? What was your motivation?
  14. V

    Studying How Can I go about learning physics in under 2 months? (starting undergrad in Feb 2018)

    I know it may sound ridiculous but I hope you can give me some great advice. I am starting undergrad school next year (end of feb). I’m doing a physics degree and well here’s my dilemma... I left school at 17 because of health issues and next year will be the first time I’ll be in education...
  15. Y

    Studying Can I Pursue a Career in Physics with Weak Math Skills and Specific Interests?

    Hi, I am really very interested in learning physics and becoming researcher or scientist. But I have few problems like I am not good at maths at all I can remember formulas and constants value. I am not at all interested in electricity and magnetism. I don't really know what am I good at. I...
  16. Mayed Al-Tunaiji

    Studying Learn Physics: Self-Paced Summer Course for 16yo High School Student

    Hello, everyone, I am a 16-year-old high school student studying AP physics, that will be a senior this coming year, I have a very keen interest in physics and would like to pursue a career as a particle physicist. I finish school in 2 weeks (finals) and I want to study physics over the summer...
  17. M

    Other I'm home schooled. How do I go about learning physics?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I am homeschooled, I left normal education after my first year of UK secondary school, I absolutely hated it and was bullied so my parents and I decided that I would leave and get homeschooled. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in computer science...
  18. A

    Schools Interested in learning physics after graduating college

    Hi, Early in my college career I switched around majors pretty often, and it eventually came down to Computer Science and Physics. The first year of each major aligned very well with each other so much so that I was able to knock out the first year of each major in the same year. That summer I...
  19. I

    Courses Learning Physics as 9th grader + precalc test out

    Hello! I am in 9th grade and I am really interested in physics. I got this book from my uncle on my birthday but it says there is calc in it: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0321973615/?tag=pfamazon01-20 I can't give it back because its disrespectful in my culture. Can I still learn from this, or...
  20. N

    Studying What's the best way to start learning physics?

    Consider a person who has never studied physics, never is the right word, what do you think is the best way to start? Or, how to start?
  21. R

    Get Tutoring Help for Learning Physics

    Pardon me if this is the wrong forum but I couldn't find any others befitting of my query. If anyone has good teaching experience and is willing to spare the time, do you think you could provide me some basic informal tutoring? Though, seeing as that's possibly very unlikely, do you think you...
  22. E

    How to get there? (learning physics)

    Greetings folks! I am studying Industrial Engineering and that's my freshman year, I have some questions : Physics is kind of my hobby although my curriculum hasn't a lot to do with physics I would like to advance on my own. As math skills are crucial I have to briefly introduce my...
  23. A

    Is learning physics helpful for undergrad math students?

    A few months back I bought Spacetime Physics by Taylor and Wheeler, I haven't read it, but I was planning to. Generally, I do love physics especially the math part. I'm also self-learning some courses in mathematics and I was wondering if it would be helpful to me to also start learning some...
  24. ToonBlue

    Learning Physics - Engineering Electromagnetics - Maxwell

    Does anyone know any good lecture material online that I can learn this concept on Maxwell? It would be good if there is a video webcast on this concept. I am having some problem understanding this chapter.
  25. jasonrl

    How to approach learning Physics and the relevant Maths

    Hey, My name is Jason, I am currently allmost through Electro technology course, and have studied DC, Magnetism and currently studying Alternating Current Circuits The maths i have been learning while studying this course would be some Algebra, Trigonometry, Pythagoras Theorem, vectors etc. I...
  26. S

    Any book or website recommendations for learning physics?

    Hi! I'm in high school and I'm really interested by physics and I want to learn about it myself over the summer. I really want to enter competitions as well if I am able to understand the material well. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear about them as well as your experiences...
  27. Titas

    Start Learning Physics: Books and Online Courses Recommended

    Hey everyone, I am in 7th grade right now and I started learning physics in my school. I've become really interested in it and I have only one lesson in a week so I want to start learning it by myself.. So how should I start? Which books and online courses would you recommend ?
  28. Wajdi Al-ashi

    Miscellaneous Questions About Learning Physics.

    Hello everyone. I have few questions to ask you, and I hope you help as much as you can. First, I'm high school student in Tunisia (final year/Baccalaureate) and I want to prepare myself in an excellent and remarkable way for the Test ( which includes physics of course ), and the problem is (as...
  29. C

    Best books for self learning physics?

    Hello! so I'm extremely interested in learning more about physics (outside of physics for engineers since they focus mostly on forces and electromagnetic) What are some good books that you would recommend for me to learn from ? I'm currently a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering student.(about to...
  30. B

    How to get started learning physics?

    I am new to this forum and staring to learn physics. I was wondering how I would get really good at physics?
  31. J

    I want to continue learning physics and math

    Hello, I want to relearn and continue learning physics and math. I went to university studying physics for a few years but I never graduated. It's been three years and now I want to continue learning physics as a hobby. Right now I'm reading the Feynman lecture on physics but after that I'd...
  32. L

    Can a 13-year-old learn physics?

    [Im in year 7] Hi I am wanting to learn physics. I know some physics (theory of relativity, what a atom is made up of, some matter, laws of motion and other things, particle accelerators etc.). I'm also heaps into radiation (alpha, beta, x-ray, gamma, infrared, fission, fusion, SCRAM, plutonium...
  33. kini.Amith

    Tips for Self-Studying Physics Without Attending College

    Hi, i am mechanical engineering bachelors student. I would like to switch to the pure physics field and for that, i have to study all the BS physics portions in one year, on my own ( I am staying home for an year after completing my engg degree to do this). Any advice on how I should do this...
  34. PsychonautQQ

    Learning Physics from listening to ipod?

    I realize physics is usually learned best if you are reading the textbook and looking at the diagrams and what not. I was wondering if anyone knew of any physics material available that i could learn efficiently by throwing on my ipod and listening while i drive or something?
  35. B

    Pursuing Physics Degree: Antimatter, Gravitational Fields & Math

    As of right now I don't really have the money required, nor the time required, to pursue a full-time degree in physics. Where I want to go is quite broad so I'll toss out a few of my interests and see what field(s) I'd best fit in and then we can go from there: In my whole life I've looked at...
  36. P

    Could Games be the Most Effective Strategy of Learning Physics?

    As you can see, children of this generation really misuse a games purpose. When, you can study things, and find out the comparisons of the physics to the "law of physics". You see, you can find the gravitational acceleration in just a building game. I'll speak more later
  37. M

    Is everyone's brain capable of learning physics

    Hello all, do you believe that everyone has the same ability to learn and understand something? I'm trying to learn physics at home in my own time using books and the internet. Sure I can read about quantum mechanics or relativity and understand what I'm reading but there is a difference between...
  38. M

    What are the best resources for learning physics as a high school student?

    I realize that you guys have a forum for learning resources/materials, but I was having a bit of a hard time trying to sift though the material and pick up on things that I could understand and would benefit me. (I realize that this might not be the right section to post in, but I wasn't able...
  39. T

    How must one go about learning physics at a younger age?

    Hello all! I joined this illustrious community with the hopes of expanding what little knowledge I know about physics, calculus, and general sciences. I am wondering, how should I learn physics. I am in middle school, am generally intelligent if I can say so myself, and have a thirst for...
  40. D

    What Are the Prerequisites for Beginning a Self-Taught Education in Physics?

    Hello! I'm an 8th grade student with a strong interest in the field of Physics. I was wondering what prerequisites I should have to begin learning Physics, and what I should read/do to dive into a self-taught education in Physics. I am currently in the process of reading "A Brief History...
  41. O

    Learning physics on my own need a little help

    what is the direction of a person that walks 3.0-km North and 4.0-km East? and can you tell me how you got the answer please
  42. N

    Importance of learning Physics II in the long run?

    I'm currently taking Calculus-based Physics II, an introductory to electromagnetism. While I'm working hard to understand the material as deeply and intuitively as possible, I wonder how much of the material will be useful later on? I am seeing a bunch of concepts such as electric potential V...
  43. Z

    Learning Physics: How to Improve AP Physics B Grade

    SO today,, I got 27/60 on a test... I know it's sad... it's so shocking that I really want to put and dedicate on learning physics now. But I just don't know how to but besides studying... Actually.. I just don't know how to study physics... Just how do you study or learn physics?? and i am...
  44. M

    What Are Good Starter Books and Resources for Learning Basic Physics?

    I want to learn basic physics to get into more advanced physics. I know some things about physics but want to learn more about the basics. If you know any names of the books please tell me! Thanks!
  45. C

    (I'm 14 and still learning physics so I obviously don't know as much

    (I'm 14 and still learning physics so I obviously don't know as much as you smart guys yet :P) E=MC^2, is that saying that If you take energy (I'm guessing the electrons) out of a particle or (I forgot the name but it's a group of particles) your also losing matter, if so does that mean...
  46. C

    Strategies in learning physics

    Dear PF readers, I have finished my first year physics at university and will start my second year in the beginning of this autumn. Whilst my exam results for this year were excellent, I am not completely satisfied with my methods of learning - I personally think there are more efficient...
  47. C

    I really love learning physics but

    This may sound like I'm a crackpot or something, but I really do love physics and finding out about the world. But, there's just one problem. I really hate the way physics is presented in most textbooks and taught at my university; it is unnecessarily complexified, and all dolled up..too much...
  48. K

    Learning Physics for IB - Tips & Tricks for Self-Study

    Hi, I'm a junior in high school and I will be taking IB physics next year, thing is I took physics 1 first semester of 10th grade and it feels like a long long time ago. To make it even worse I slept through that class (it was the wrong time of day for me:)) and I could honestly say even during...
  49. D

    Learning Physics from A to A<sub>n</sub> through independent study.

    Okay, so I have a fair amount of knowledge in mathematics, through calculus, and I want to study physics independently. I was told that I should start with classical mechanics. Is that right, and if so, where should I go from there. What are good books to learn from. I apologize if this is a...
  50. G

    Learning Physics on Free Time? How?

    Right now I am a senior in high school and am planning on going into engineering once I graduate. I am halfway through grade 12 physics but it's very slow paced and everything we do is very easy. I have learned most of the basic knowledge (basic of the basic really), somewhat more than the...