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Legendre equation , the Bessel equation and Sturm Liouville equation

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    Show that the Legendre equation as well as the Bessel equation for n=integer are Sturm Liouville equations and thus their solutions are orthogonal.

    How I can proove that ..?

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    Can you put it in sturm-liouville form?
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    Yes ...

    see . this is the form of Sturm Liouville


    and this table help me


    i found the mathematical explain for bessel .

    but i don't know how i can prove thier solutions are orthogonal ..!

    can you help me :confused:
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    Did you post the problem exactly? If so, as I interpret it, you do not need to prove that yourself. It is well known that the solutions to sturm-liouville problems are orthogonal and the proof can be found in any mathematical methods book.
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    i understand that hour before .. i wasn't have enough information about sturm-liouville

    or maybe my brain stopped :tongue:

    thanks :)
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