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    Hello.First i will introduce myself. I am 16 years Bulgarian boy and I am in math and geography school. My passions are electronics, math(and especially higher mathematics), physics(I now reading quantum physics for beginners by zbigniew ficek and one Bulgarian book about technical mechanics).

    Also I am interested in programming and robotics, couple of mouths ago I opened my own class for developing robots, where I am some kind of teacher(I had been sponsored by my school and I bought lego mindstroms(for those you have some knowleage about it, We don't use graphical IDE, but Python)arduino and a lot of servor, sensor, wires and so on).

    Finally some of my background interests are Linux and Penetration testing(White hat), computer communications.I know there are a lot of stuffs and it's hard to me to manage my time, but lets talk about, for what i come here, shall we.

    I really dont know from where to start with higher mathematics. In school we are on log's, and the leastest thing a read is about negative square root(imaginetion i²= -1 and the graphical representation).I want some help for finding the right way of starting with higher mathematics, and also there can be some physics realeted books, i won't regret it.

    Sorry if it's seems like complete mess.
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:
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    And you are only 16??? :)) That is amazing!

    When I was your age, all I remember is not doing homework and getting punished for that..:-p

    Welcome to PF! It's great to have you here!:smile:
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    Hello everyone.
    Where should I post to find some information about books and how to start ?
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    There is a Textbook forum for asking for recommendations for books. And the Academic Guidance forum is for asking for advice about how best to study... :smile:
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