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Li ion battery electrode surface area

  1. Aug 15, 2015 #1
    What effect (if any) would changing the surface area of electrodes in a lithium ion battery have?
    Would it allow for faster battery charging? Faster discharge rate?

    Thanks in advance
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    As I understand, a lithium battery uses chemical reaction to generate electricity, as such, increasing the contact area between the electrode and the solution will increase the production rate of ions within the solution, but this may reach a maximum point where the solution is saturated or depleted that the area would have little influence on the reactions, but I would say, with some though not absolute certainty, that increasing the area of the electrode would speed up the discharge process.

    Oh, by the way, I am not sure how good this site is for practical matters like this, most people I came across so far seem too involved in their abstract business to give useful answers, rather they just point out little things in my post that they found unappealing. Anyways, I hoped my post helped you in any ways.
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    What has your reading indicated so far? Can you post links to what you have read on this subject so far? :smile:
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    Can you please send me a message with links to the replies that did not seem good? Thanks. BTW, if you ever see a post or reply that seems to go against the PF rules (see Info at the top of the page), please click the Report link on the post. The Mentors are pretty good at responding to Reports quickly. :smile:
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    I believe that's correct and the subject of a lot of research.

    One problem is that increasing the surface area by making it highly porus or using nano structures has side effects such as making the cell less robust (reduced life time). For example during charge/discharge there are volume changes that can damage fragile 3D structures.

    Recent news story..
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