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Light and Time plus the distance - TIME to get from source to here

  1. May 19, 2009 #1
    Im quite new to studying so i maybe repeating a theory already presented:

    I don't understand how normal relativity (the theory's) can be accurate or i may add be completley wrong.

    If the light is slowed down in time as it travels through space then the light that is reaching us is'nt as old as we make out.

    There must be some sort of calculation we can use to measure this, Light and Time measured with the distance and speed of reaching us. (hope i got that right lol)

    Anyone care to share?
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    Further more, once the light has left the object the light is the same irrespective whether or not it is being slowed down through time.
    If that is true the actual object may not be, as stated above, as old as we think it is.

    So to get an actual accurate calculation we need to measure how much the time has actually slowed down during the journey from the light source. (if that is possible)
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