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Limit n*sin(1/n^2)

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    Hello, can anyone help me with these questions... At least one of them plz... thank you

    1 Find the limit as → ∞, if it exists, of:(i) √︀( ( + 1)) − 2 , (ii) sin(1/(^2))
    I really cannot understand how to do this.:confused:..thanks for your help:):)
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    Re: limits

    You seem to be using a number of "special symbols". All my viewer shows is a square for each.
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    Re: limits

    ok...i will reformulate the question
    find the limit as n tends to infinity, if it exists of
    1. root(n(n+1))-2n

    2. n*sin(1/n^2)
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    Re: limits

    For the first one, multiply out what you have in the square root and pull out n2 from the square root.
    For the second, you might try the substitution u = 1/n
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