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Limit on Faraday's cage (rearranging charges)

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    Having a question regarding Faraday's cage,

    Applying a magnetic field over the cage, will cause the charges in the conducting cage to rearrange, thus causing another field which opposes the first field. This will give a net field inside the cage of zero (this is why we are safe in a car during a lightning).


    However, since we have a finite amount of charges in the conductive cage. Is it possible to apply a field strong enough so that all the charges have rearranged to oppose the field, but with the fact that all the charges is not enough charges to cancel the field, and thus giving a net field inside the cage which is not zero?

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    Could you put a number on that? It could help you to get a handle on what you are saying. What field strengths are you considering? If this isn't a fruitless 'irresistible force and immovable object' type question then you need to supply some orders of magnitude for the causes and effects that you are discussing.
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