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Limits and Integrals

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    If you are taking the limit of an integral, can you switch the composition ie: take the integral of a limit if the limit and integral are on seperate variables?


    Lim of z to a [integral over alpha [f(x)/((x-z)(x-a)^2) dx]


    Integral over alpha[Lim of z to a[f(x)/((x-z)(x-a)^2) dx]


    Integral over alpha[f(x)/(x-a)^3 dx]
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    Since an integration involves limits, and switching the order of taking limits is a tricky business, i'd say that you could do the permutation, as long as there's no infinity (or no indeterminate expression under the limit sign) involved...My guess...
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    Generally speaking, if both limit and integral are "uniformly convergent" then they can be interchanged.
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