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Little strange material to find or build

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    Well, the thing is that since one year or more I'm trying to find a non toxic compound that can be done mixing water with "something", I need that the result of that has "like gum" properties, or a high density foam (like a hard mattress). I don't know much about chemistry but I think there must be something out there. This is for filling bags for special kids, we usually work with ballons but we need something more heavy, and if we can mix and get that kind of material it would be great. I have a friend that works also for the foundation and can help us. Thanks a lot to anybody that can help us.
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    Welcome to PF, Zagoaristides.
    (I'm just going to call you Zag from now on; typing your whole name is a pain in the ***. :biggrin:)
    There are a few different hydrophilic gels out there, with several purposes. Perhaps one of those will work for you. A good place to ask about them would be the burn ward at your local hospital, since one of the uses is hydration/cooling of fire wounds.
    Other types are for mopping up spills of various materials on an industrial scale.
    I even saw one a while back on one of those stupid late-night TV commercials, but I can't remember what it was for.
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    Thanks a lot Danger man! Well, for the issue of my name, don't worry, at least you don't have to call me Aristides Eugenio Emmanuel Zago, that's my complete name! LoL (I'm the last child born in the family, and everyone gave me a name!).

    Well, I don't think in the hospital the unit is going to have those things, I live in a very small town and we have only the basics.

    The important is that the mix has to be really easy to use, maybe like put one kilo of these "white powder" into 30 lts. of water or something like that. Do you think of something like that in order to refine my research?

    Thanks a lot for your kind reply!
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    Good thing! If there were any more, you'd have to introduce a new alphabet.
    I like Mech's idea. It wouldn't even have to be ballistic gel, though, which can get pricey. I've used regular Knox gelatin instead of latex for makeup appliances like scars or extra fingers. Even flavoured Jell-O works. The consistency can be anything from mostly liquid to that of hard rubber, depending upon how much water you mix in. (Gummy Worms candy is a good example.)
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