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Load backup from one computer to another?

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    If I made a backup using Windows 7 backup utility of my computer, would I be able to load that backup onto a different computer running the same version of Windows 7?
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    I bet it'll ask for more money...
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    no, but you should be able to retrieve files from the backup; windows uses a registry (proprietary database) that will likely be different on different hardware
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    It looks like you can transfer at least some of your files and settings from one computer to another. You might want to look at this link, it might help you figure out what windows 7 can and cannot backup.
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    cool, thanks for the link!
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    If you have a router, and the two systems are connected to the router, you should be able to tranfer folders and files between the two systems, using Windows 7 version of XP "My Network Places". The only issue is that the "short file names" would be reassigned on the new computer instead of being transferrred, but this is normally not an issue.

    Note that if you have a cable modem and a switcher or hub, if you disconnect the coax cable from the cable modem and power cycle the cable modem, it will act as a local router to any computer connected to the cable modem connected through the switcher or hub. Most cable modems support up to 16 computers (allowing separate external ip's if you ISP provides this service).
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