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Location and intensity prediction of wave energy

  1. Nov 8, 2015 #1
    Hello forum,
    Is there any method of knowing the location of source and probably intensity of vibration from afar without sorting to a doppler effect?
    This is in the same as our auditory sense, when people call us at a distance we could easily approximate how far they are and the volume they speak
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    What are you talking about? Very generally speaking you can only say that the information about the energy and momentum of fields is in their energy-momentum-stress tensor which follows via Noether's theorem from the action principle, underlying their equation of motion.
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    If you have multiple microphones, you can do some kind of triangulation. If you measure the phase delay between them you can get good information about the direction of the source. And intensity is always measured by the microphone.
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    Hi OTed
    welcome to PF :smile:

    I suspect you meant to say ... resorting to Doppler effect"....

    if neither sound source nor receiver are moving .... there is no Doppler
    and where one of them is moving, Doppler only tells you about the speed of one of them in relation to the other

    we cannot do that as you suggest .... as we have no information as to if the person we are hearing is close and speaking quiet or loud or visa versa ... distant and speaking loud or quite

    We might be able to use other senses eg. sight and see if the person is visibly close or far, but we still have no direct knowledge on how quiet or loud the person is speaking

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    Andy Resnick

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    Are you referring to the inverse scattering problem?
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