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Location of an object moving in a circular path

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    if i know the speed and the radius of the turn how can I find the location of the object(x,y Cartesian) of the object with Time?
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    You could describe the circle parametrically as:
    [tex] x=r cos (\alpha)[/tex]
    [tex] y=r sin (\alpha)[/tex]

    Then, knowing v, you can find the period it should take for the object to complete one revolution and compute alpha in terms of your normal time variable.
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    ok so, im guessing [tex]\alpha[/tex] is the angle in radians and r is the radius. so I use the speed(s) and time(t) to get the distance then divide that by the circumference then multiply by 2[tex]\pi[/tex] to get the radians to put into those equations?
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