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Homework Help: Logic Gates (OR and AND) Wave Form Diagrams

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    If you take a look at the attachment that I have posted, you will see 4 wave diagrams labeled A, B, C, D, respectively. My objective to is to answer the questions after the A-D diagrams.

    The first one is a AND logic gate with A and B. So how would I combine A and B. Do I draw only the highs of both and just copy the length of their intersection or what? Please be descriptive.

    How would I draw the wave diagrams for OR? Is it when either of A or B has high point I draw it on my graph?

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    For the first one, look at each interval, when both are high, you draw 'high' for that interval, otherwise draw 'low'.

    For OR, same thing, but draw 'high' only when either one of them is high, so if they are both low then draw low for the corresponding intervals.
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