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Oscillator Frequency of a Ring Oscillator with RC feedback

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Problem Statement
What is frequency of oscillator in below circuit?
Relevant Equations
f = 1/(2*3.14*R*C)

I'm not sure how will this oscillator work. Assume A is low, so B will be high and the capacitor will charge through B-C- 2Mohm.
Now even D has gone high, so A will be high and B will be low and C will discharge. I'm not sure how the voltage divider rule across RC will take into effect.
I found a similar structure in this link (3rd circuit diagram):
Ref: Gadgetronix Square Wave Generator Using Logic Gates. But I'm not sure how if the two circuits will work same as position of Capacitor is after 2nd inverter in the diagram in link.

How will the C charge and discharge here?

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