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Login Problems!

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    When I login as ONJ's Noble Steed, I get a page (as usual) saying "Thank you for logging in, ONJ's Noble Steed." By when I click "proceed" either nothing happens, or it takes a very long time to get to the forums pages. And afterward, when I click on subforums or topics, again, either nothing happens or I have to wait for a while. But when I'm not logged in, I can navigate these forums easily. Right now I'm using one of my old accounts. This one works fine, but I want to be able to use my new one.
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    I've had similar problems. Feel totally miserable waiting for pages to load...
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    Yes, we've had some problems with slow loading pages. It's sporadic. One moment everything seems to work just fine, and the next, everything takes forever to load.

    Psst...you have your PM feature turned off...stick with just one username please.
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    No, for me it's not sporadic at all. I have no problems with pages loading when I'm logged off, nor do I have any problems when I'm logged on as someone else besides "ONJ's Noble Steed." I would like to be able to use my original account, but I can't. The pages don't load at all when I'm logged in as "ONJ's Noble Steed." Can't anyone help?
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