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Intro Physics Looking for a concise algebra-based book on basic physics

  1. Aug 7, 2015 #1
    I need a book that is under 400-500 pages which covers all of basic physics nicely. Every introductory algebra-based physics book I have seen has over 1000 pages and I just need a concise book right now, for some personal reasons.

    It should cover the following topics:

    1. General physics
    1.1 Length and time
    1.2 Motion
    1.3 Mass and weight
    1.4 Density
    1.5 Forces
    1.6 Momentum
    1.7 Energy, work and power
    1.8 Pressure
    2. Thermal physics
    2.1 Simple kinetic molecular model of matter
    2.2 Thermal properties and temperature
    2.3 Thermal processes
    3. Properties of waves, including light and sound
    3.1 General wave properties
    3.2 Light
    3.3 Electromagnetic spectrum
    3.4 Sound
    4. Electricity and magnetism
    4.1 Simple phenomena of magnetism
    4.2 Electrical quantities
    4.3 Electric circuits
    4.4 Digital electronics (not necessary)
    4.5 Dangers of electricity
    4.6 Electromagnetic effects
    4.7 Hooke's Law
    5. Atomic physics
    5.1 The nuclear atom
    5.2 Radioactivity

    A good candidate for this book was "Basic Physics" by Kuhn but it doesn't seem to cover some of the topics I listed (for example, the Hooke's Law). I'll be very very glad if somebody could help me out.
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    A bad suggestion. The "Light and Matter" book is over 1000 pages and the other books are quite larger than I mentioned, those that are concise don't fit the topic.

    Do you have any other suggestions in mind?
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    Did you look at the other books on his page like the Conceptual Physics? It has 187 pgs.


    Also I searched around a bit and there are other books that are around 400+ pgs on Amazon which you can probably pickup in a nearby bookstore. The quality varies though and they may not match whatever course you're taking.

    Lastly, please be a bit more polite in your comments saying "bad suggestion" without saying thanks won't win many people over to help you in your search.
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    I didn't mean to offend you, sir. I am not a native speaker of English, so mind my sillyness. Can you show me these under-400 books? I'd very very appreciate it.......and Thanks in advance.
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