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Engineering Books for a Good Foundation in Physics

  1. Aug 10, 2017 #1
    Hi there, I have recently started an Engineering course and I have quickly realised that there are gaps in my knowledge or the material that I'm being taught, doesn't quench my thirst for understanding of the topics.

    I would like to find a book that explains basics of the main concepts like motion, sound, heat, light, magnetism and electricity. That being said, my Math is not the best, I know some Calculus, Algebra,Trig etc.
    I would like to find some book that would explain the theory more with words and relatable examples than pure math. I was considering getting "Understanding Physics" by Isaac Asimov but wanted to get some feedback before spending my money.

    P.S. A book with lots of diagrams would be preferable :)
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    I havent fully taken the required math yet, but Ive read Asimov's book and it explains the concepts very well. Very minimal math. Another really good one is 6 Easy Peices and 6 Not So Easy Peices by Feynman. Its old, but he uses analogies for everything and makes it easy to understand. I havent taken my Physics courses in college yet but these are really good for a general idea imo.
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    University physics is the best book ever
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    Here are some nice free books available on PF:


    I think the OP is looking for some study books although 6 easy pieces are really fun books to read IMO they are not study books with detailed diagrams etc. In that case it is maybe better to go for the complete Feynman Lectures as 6 Easy Pieces are just a couple of part from the original Feynman Lectures. The is a free online version available here:


    I hope this helps.
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