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Looking for a specific type of physics book

  1. Feb 19, 2014 #1
    I've finished physics but I'd like to have a certain kind of book. I have
    this book about math (click the link.) It's written in a very causal style and covers very many topics in a terse way. It's just enough to remind me of concepts when I forget, and it's fun to read.

    Is there a book like this for physics?

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    The math book you mentioned is very nice, thank you for the link.
    Unfortunately, I am not aware of any totally similar book on physics.

    But maybe you might like these two very similar books, one on math, the other on physics:
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    I'll take a look at those links, thanks. The book I'm looking for is not at all like a textbook, but like a friendly discussion about physics. We'll see :)
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    I will have to examine gullberg's book. As of now I do not know of a similar book that treats physics
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