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Looking for dietary advice

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    Does anyone have a dietary plan that they follow? Specifically, I am looking for someone who has taken in to account toxic metals like aluminum, mercury, lead, etc. as well as pesticides and other chemicals

    What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? what do you avoid? what do you prepare or bake food with and why? what do you drink and what do you avoid drinking? do you have a list of foods that you manage and tweak regularly? how closely do you follow your routine? you don't have to answer all of these - anything will help

    Thank you :D
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    Just look at the food pyramid. Drink lots of water. It's not that hard :)
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    Jack Lalanne's principle was if man made it, don't eat it. That's essentially my diet. I eat no bread, no processed foods, nothing made in a factory and nothing that either can't be eaten raw, or that I didn't cook myself. I also avoid all simple carbohydrates like the plague.

    What I don't currently do is eat strictly "organic" foods. The meat and milk I consume may be from animals treated with antibiotics and hormones, but I try to stick with the good quality stuff. I also drink a ton of milk, I go through a gallon about every three or four days.

    This diet stems from my fitness goals - I work out at least four days a week, and do pretty intense callisthenic routines. I have fitness/strength goals far above the average person who just wants to be healthy though.
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    Let's remember that anything that strays from the recommended diet requirements put out by the government http://www.choosemyplate.gov/ may not be healthy. Any diet that strays from this recommendation should be approved by a licensed physician.
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    There you go.
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    LOL! So true!
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    Are you suggesting if it is put out by the government, it is healthy?? Anything put out by the government may not be healthy either.
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    it's based on scientific research of what humans need, so yes, it's healthy.
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    I'd say it's probably a good idea to avoid those.. I'm also not sure how great it is to drink a gallon of (im guessing) cow's milk every other day.
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    I'm not too sure about blindly following a government's recommendations. My government used to say "milk: the white motor" and "milk is good for everyone" and they had intensive campaigns and were supplying schools with subsidized milk cartons. The reason? There was a surplus of milk being produced. Still to this day the milk surplus is a problem, but now we know that milk is not so healthy as once advertised and the campaigns have stopped.

    I think we need to keep in mind that research into food is quite difficult, but I think we can all agree that fruit, vegetables, grain and protein are at the heart of whole diet.

    That said, I always prepare my food mostly from scratch and exclude meat and fish. In the Netherlands it is very common to cook from packages, for almost every dish there is one. For instance lasagna, where the pasta sheets and dehydrates sauces and herbs are included. I hate those. With the exception of pasta I make everything fresh. The rest of the day is filled with bread, quite boring.

    I found this image (political commentary), it says:
    "Step out of the danger zone now!" (the opposition to the government) "Come to the safe zone. Drink enough milk! Especially in dangerous seasons. Then also you will feel healthy, energetic and strong!" (handing a glass of milk to participate in the government).
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    I think this is a real problem trying to figure out dietary issues. There was a thread on this site I commented on a year or two ago on the same issue but I forgot what it was. But the idea is that there is no real scientific consensus on what is good and what is bad food, other than perhaps the gross obvious. There's several hundred different supplements you can buy over the counter, and my mother likes to browse around Walgreens and purchase many of these, sometimes at 20 or 30 dollars a bottle. I tell her not to buy any of that crap, it's a ripoff, but when she asks me to give her scientific evidence for my objections (cause I tell her I'm a scientist), I can't really find a compelling argument against the claims of the supplement makers. And this is, in my opinion, how this market perseveres. Forget the biology, it's way to complicated and there's way too many exceptions to any "rules" you may have been taught, These are lessons for future generations to quantify. Look at experience, what works for your relatives or peoples genetically similar to you, that's your best bet.

    Just for the record, though. I take a GNC vitamin supplement every day (ultra mega gold), one in the morning and one at night, a fish oil capsule, and one and a half tablespoons of flax seed oil (Barleens). That's it. And, of course, a sensible dinner and protein powder if I'm doing weight trainingo0)

    Edit: I forgot to include a 60 mg Ginko Biloba tablet I take every day. Why do I take this? Idk, but I'm going with traditional wisdom cause I don't know any better. That's kind of the whole point of my post here.
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    This is putting things on the head. It is not up to you to prove supplement is wrong, it is up to the manufacturer to prove it works. Claims are not a proof, unless supported by the research published in the peer rev... blah blah blah, you know the drill. (I have no doubt you know it, I am just stating what would be my approach - put the burden of the proof on Mom; so far she manipulated you the other way, time to fight back ;) ).
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    Lol. It's hard to argue with her, I think that when she looks at me, she still see's her 18 month old helpless child. I can't win an argument. Although she is impressed with the antennae I put on the roof to get her free Seattle channels (KOMO, KING5, etc) so she could ditch the cable company.

    I do want to say something about water, though. Don't compromise your water supply. The cliche that you're 80 something percent water is real. I used to be a big advocate of bottled water until I traced it back to the source. Without elaborating, I use a zero water filter. Plain as that, once it hits 6 pp's or whatever it is. I change it. I've done a lot of research on this, your water quality is the most important thing, in my opinion.
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