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Looking for help in Introduction Mechanics(Kleppner) and EM(Purcell)

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    Hello everyone.
    Thank you so much for taking your personal time to read my post.
    I am a very zealous and passionate undergraduate physics major!
    I've changed my major to physics about two years ago in my community college, and I will be now transferring to a university as a physics major.

    I've studied very hard in the classes offered at my community college, and to my satisfactory, I was ranked 'one' in all three of my physics classes. However, even with such hard work, when I looked at the "introduction to mechanics book" used at MIT and "E&M" book at Berkeley, I frequently found myself lost. I am very disappointed about myself, and I intend to master these books during the summer.

    I would like to humbly ask for help from a person that may have finished or have read one of these books completely and successfully. I want extensive help, since I will be asking lot of questions... If there is someone that wouldn't mind helping me through my exciting physics journey during the summer, I would be extremely delighted!

    I am glad to have found this forum with so many passionate fellow physicists. Thank you for taking time to read my post. If you would not mind leaving me a e-mail, or talking with me through msg throughout the summer, I would be extremely glad.

    Thank you.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Post your questions here. You're more likely to get timely answers when a lot of people see your questions, and if someone messes up, others can correct him/her. Also, other people can benefit from the discussion.

    If you want help with specific exercises or homework problems, post in one of the subforums of "Homework & Coursework Questions." If you want to clarify concepts, use one of the discussion forums: Classical Physics would be appropriate for both Kleppner and Purcell.
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