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Looking for help Setting up a Power Recovery Circuit

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    Hello there Everyone!

    I was interested in connecting up a Power recovery Circuit to a Generator Head and have been doing some reserch on it... The few components that will be key are:

    1. Full Wave Bridge Rectifier (To convert the AC to DC)
    2. Capacitors (To create the load while keeping the resistence low)
    3. Some type of Timing Switch (I'm assuming to keep the caps dishcarging rapidly enough to store and discharge in a manner that is equal or better in quality to a typical Power Supply)

    If someone could give me some recommendations on this circuit and how it will need to be setup, that would be greatly appreciated! Or some more reading that will guide me there...

    Thanks in advance!
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    What's a "Generator Head", and why do you want to recover power from it?
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    Thanks for the response.

    Sorry, I dind't want to confuse a Generator (Gasoline power engine driven) with just the generator motor itself.

    I want to use the generator as a generator... But, with little bemf to maintain as close to full rpm's as possible with as little mechanical power as possible. This can be acheived through the use of a Power Recovery Circuit. The Capacitors act a load retreiving and storing the electricity and disharging it to the actual Load put on the generator.
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