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Looking for sites to get circuits, relays, ect

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    Hello all, I am looking for a site that will have A LOT of builder circuits boards and electrical components. I want to build projects and have nothing in mind but I would love to start a few projects. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    do some google searching on electronics kitsets

    you are sure to get a few sites to look at :)

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    I find the problem with kits is that the tend to take a very high level approach to introducing electronics. What would be of more benefit to somebody eventually aiming to design, simulate and test circuits while also developing knowledge of electronics is a book of electronic experiments.

    For example one of my degree modules was 'Experimental Methods' and we would perhaps build a bridge rectifier circuit or a single stage transistor amplifier and draw waveforms or measure output voltages and compare them with ideal behaviour.

    If there are any books that anybody is aware of with this kind of content i.e. electronic experiments with guides etc. then I would appreciate it if you would advise.
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