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Louisiana governor signs creationist bill

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    http://www.ncseweb.org/resources/news/2008/LA/188_louisiana_governor_signs_creat_6_27_2008.asp [Broken]

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    NOOOOO!!! This is a sad day for the children of Louisiana... This is the direct work of the bastards at the Discovery Institute.

    http://lasciencecoalition.org/" [Broken]
    http://www.discovery.org/csc/" [Broken]
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    We should have let the southern states secede when we had the chance. :rolleyes:
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    Now do we get an excuse to sneak science into bible studies?
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    This really scares me. It's the 21st century for Darwin's sake! This kind of direct violation of science, morality, progress, and not to mention the freakin' Constitution should never be allowed by any responsible adult, religious or not.

    Christopher Hitchens has a good idea:


    If you want to skip to the relevant point (though I would recommend the whole talk), it's starts at the 8:15 mark in the first clip, and ends at the 1:32 mark in the second clip.
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    It's now legal in Louisiana for teachers to use materials other than the standard textbook in their classes? And teachers are now permitted to teach students how to analyze and critique things in an objective fashion? My gosh, what's the world coming to?
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    It seems as though this is going beyond just evolution in attacking science. The first two are religious but the last one has to be political, (unless there is a bible verse I'm unaware of that states "and then the Lord set the Earth's thermostat and decided to keep it there.")

    Politicians really should not be allowed to act on their own in deciding science policies (unless they have a scientific degree.)
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    Their is NOTHING objective about scripture based psuedo-science.

    That is what the proponents of Intelligent Design and the christian bible say. Do you think there is validity to ID? Do you not think that a theory completely based on scripture should be kept out of PUBLIC Government funded schools?

    What other theories could possible be taught besides ID? This was a back-door underhanded cheap shot by the Discovery Institute to introduce the ability to have creationism taught to the children of a nation who's highest law demands the separation of church and state.

    It is a disgust to science and the first step down a slippery slope.
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    I would recommend all parents in the areas affected keep an eye on what the biology teachers are using as alternative materials, and begin a lawsuit if there appears to be ANY creationist bias.
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    Yes, the law allows such abuse of it to be challenged. Unfortunately, it is written in a way that opens the door for the damage to be done before the challenge is made. :frown:

    My earlier joke aside, there is a good side to this one. When textbooks are inadequate to address the questions raised by students, or when a teacher may find other materials that can enhance a lesson, they are able to bring in those materials and use them without being restricted to teaching only from a textbook that may inadequately cover the topic (for all I know, this legislations could be initiated by someone who thought the textbooks approved by the local school board were dreadfully inadequate in covering those topics...for example, if a school board can't promote creationism, they just might instead approve crappy textbooks that don't cover the topic of evolution adequately at all, so kids remain sufficiently gullible).
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    True, that would be great if it was the goal. However, teachers have always had the ability to educate themselves with outside material to better inform inquisitive students. Not to mention giving references for outside of class.

    It is clear that this bill was not put forth to allow enhanced science education, though it could be used as such. I repeat, a main proponent of the bill: The Discovery Institute. The same organization who built the Creation Museum in Kentucky, where they brain wash masses of children every day: http://www.creationmuseum.org/about" [Broken]
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    Was that actually a problem? One that drove the bill forward?
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    Anyway, see for yourself:

    A good history of the bill:
    http://www.talk2action.org/story/2008/6/26/18920/8497" [Broken]

    A great release by the Louisiana Coalition for Science:
    http://lasciencecoalition.org/docs/Release_LFCS_NYT_Jindal_6.22.08.pdf" [Broken]
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    I guess at this point we're depending on the science/biology teachers themselves to point to appropriate supplementary materials.

    Hopefully by the time my son gets to high school (quite a while to go before that) this whole thing will be a non-issue. If not, I will personally make sure he gets a proper high school level education about evolutionary biology.
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    Good for you! :approve:
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    Great idea! I'm an atheist secular humanist...can I teach Sunday School now :wink: ?
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    That's actually not a half bad idea. Perhaps all the atheists should do our best to get hired as sunday school, bible study, and/or religion class teachers. Then, once we're in place, we don't even have to teach any controversy or bring in outside materials.

    Just make sure every class you go over at least two bible verses. Pick ones which contradict each other.
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    That would be the easiest job ever! :rofl:
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    "Here we have 'God is Love' and here we have the story of God letting Satan test Job's faith. You see, it's not contradictory, because God LOVES to see people's family's get torn apart -- literally."
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    You can always send him and any of his interested classmates to the biology forum here. We'll make sure he's taken care of with those lessons. :approve:

    Sometimes even the well-meaning ones do it accidentally. :biggrin: I remember a Sunday school lesson when I was in 6th grade. The Sunday school teacher talked the entire class session about euthanasia. We all walked out discussing how that really does seem like a humane thing to do for someone with a terminal illness. Only years later did I find out the official church position is AGAINST euthanasia. :uhh: I guess that's what the lesson was supposed to be about, but that sure wasn't what we all walked out thinking was right. :rofl:
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