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Magnetic field induction enigma?

  1. Apr 16, 2012 #1
    Hello all!
    I was researching about magnetism to investigate the processes which occur when a magnetic object is stuck onto a magnet. I gather that this will be due to the alignment of magnetic domains and as such, the sum of all these electron spins in one direction will cause the attraction to take place. (Am I wrong?)

    Subsequently, if I was to place anything onto a magnet and it stuck, would there be a dipole action occurring in that object i.e will the object have a north and south pole?

    And incidentally, how would one know if an object is ferromagnetic or paramagnetic without measuring tools etc? If the said object was extremely attracted to the magnet but is not magnetised at all (when removed from the field) is paramagnetic?

    Thank you so much in advance people :D and i know it is a bit of a 'tldr' ><
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    Philip Wood

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    You've got the idea. But paramagnetic substances won't be 'extremely attracted' to the magnet. Most substances around us are paramagnetic; I'd guess cellulose is, but you don't find wood and paper strongly attracted to ordinary magnets.
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