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Magnetic Field

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    **Not a homework question.

    In my professor note, it says that:
    "If a material causes magnetic field (in parallel direction to the surface charge) below a boundary is not the same as the boundary (in parallel direction to the surface charge) above the boundary, then a surface current is created".

    and also:
    "all magnetic fields are created by loops of current".

    Could someone please explain what do these two statements mean? thank you.
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    Since you did not elaborate on the level you are at with this class, I can only give you a link on what I HOPE that you are able to comprehend. Look at the derivation leading up to the conclusion at the bottom of Page 4-7 on the tangential component of H.

    http://local.eleceng.uct.ac.za/courses/EEE3055F/lecture_notes/2011_old/eee3055f_Ch4_2up.pdf [Broken]

    The answer to your last question is from one of Maxwell equations, i.e. the divergence of a magnetic field is zero (i.e. no magnetic source or sinks). Again, without knowing at what level you are at, I have no idea if you even know the concept of "divergence" or understand the physics behind Maxwell equations.

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    thank you very much for the reply and PDF link!
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