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Magnetic moment of a loop formed by a revolving electron

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    Consider a situation.

    If an electron is moving on your computer screen from top to bottom and the magnetic field is acting outwards towards your face, the electron revolves in anti-clockwise direction..

    So we can say that the current is flowing in clockwise direction.
    Magnetic moment when visualized comes in direction opposite to magnetic field lines.. which is the condition for unstable equilibrium.
    So, potential energy = maximum using the formula [tex]P.E. = - \vec{m} . \vec{B}[/tex]

    How is this possible? How can a system arrange itself to a maximum energy configuration??
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    Please help guys!
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    Velocity vector v of q charged particle and the magnetic flux density B are in opposite direction on a line. qvXB=0. No magnetic force apply to revolve particle.

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    no man you are going wrong here..
    could some one please please check this out and explain.
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