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Magnetic strength over distance

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    I am working on an engineering project in which I am mounting an electromagnet onto a small RC robot. The link for the electromagnet is here http://www.mpimagnet.com/catalog.asp?prodid=670540&showprevnext=1
    I was wondering if there was any way to calculate the force exerted by the magnet on a small motor from a distance of about a foot. Any ideas?
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    Yes, it's possible numerically ( in some cases analytically too). You need to know the distribution of magnetic field first. Calculating the total force applied on a body surrounded by air, in a magnetic field , is surprisingly simple even when the object has a complicated shape.
    see http://www.fieldp.com/documents/stresstensor.pdf

    Calculating local forces and torques are a little more challenging. You need to use a finite element software for such calculations. Calculation of the force is often one of the features of a finite element software.
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