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Magnetisation is a dynamical situation of moving charges

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    It is established that magnetisation is a dynamical situation of moving charges. Hence it is not an independent phenomena. But why keep on studying magnetics by itself? For example, search for magnetic monopoles, magnetisation of objects? Shouldn't we study it at a fundalmental level using properties of charges when in motion instead?
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    But we do study magnetism at it's most fundamental level. That being the level of atoms and electrons and their interactions in condensed matter. Your question is a bit unclear to me and maybe I'm missing your point?
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    maxwell proved that magnetics and statics are the same, therfor the op asks why do we seperate the two in some courses, when we could just learn electromagnetics.
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    That doesn't make any sense either.

    While they can be described by a consistent, single theory, they are not "the same". That's like asking why can we just study "acceleration" rather than force since they're "the same"?

    Note that not ALL magnetism are generated by "moving charges". As inha as mentioned, the study of magnetism, especially in condensed matter does not involved moving charges. Individual spins of particles are not due to such a thing. You simply cannot transform such a description away and deal instead with moving charges.

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