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Magnetising a permenant ferrite magnet

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    I have just received some ferrite grade Y30H-IA un-magnetized permanent magnets. I am looking to wind some copper around a section of pipe and place the ferrite inside in order to magnetize it. From what i have read the magnets should be anisotropic and to saturate the ferrite I will need only need a flux density slightly higher than the Br of the Y30H-IA, aprox 380mT.
    I was planning on aiming for around 760mT with the electromagnet to ensure saturation is reached.

    I am new to working magnets so please let me know if i am on the right track. It is important that the magnets are magnetized to obtain the maximum flux density possible for my material and geometry. Is there be a simple calculation i can do to factor in permanence and then actually take a flux density reading (with tesla meter) to ensure i have obtained the flux density I theoretically should? Please let me know if there are any factors i should be aware of.

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    Hard ferrites saturate below the flux density you can obtain with NeoFeB magnets. I'd suggest looking at the Dexter magnetics web site. They have useful equations to build simple yoke.

    There is a company, something Bell that makes calibrated flux meters.
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