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Magnetism and Electromagnetism

  1. Jul 6, 2013 #1
    In basic but precise terms, can someone please explain to me the fundamentals on how/why these things operate?

    I've been reading about how these things work but I really want a good understanding on why these works too.

    Thanks :)
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    We don't know why they work the way they do - they just do.

    Some notes:
    magnetism and electromagnetism are fundamentally the same thing.
    fundamentally they work by the interaction of photons with charged matter - photons may be emmitted, absorbed, or exchanged. But that's quantum mechanics (specifically QED) and really brief and incomplete. It is impossible to get basic and precise - you know whole text-books get written on this thing? What level did you want this at?
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    At an beginner level approximately. I'm quite unsure how solenoids operate too !
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    Simon Bridge

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    At the start of E-mag (electromagnetism courses) you should be concentrating on getting the mathematica relations down.

    You should realize that it typically takes two years of secondary school and four of college before students get the fundamentals of E-mag down if at all. I don't think you intend anyone to write all that down right here.

    We can help with specific questions ... eg. what is it about the operation of a solenoid you don't understand? At the really basic level, you switch on the power and you get a magnet.
    Do you know the shape of the magnetic field around a wire?
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