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Magnet's feild strength decrease when it interacts with an object?

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    Does a magnet's feild strength decrease when it interactes with an object? Say I had a magnet and It pulled on a metal bar with 1 newton of force then i put another bar by it. would it continue to pull on the first bar with 1 newton of force?
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    No, it doesn't.
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    Actually I think it affects its magnetic lines so there is probably going to be a slight change. That would be because the second metal bar will effect the "shape" of the magnetic field and not because it's energy is allocated in two metal bars if that is what you had in mind.
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    Yes it would by the principle of superposition.
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    so which is it?
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    If the other object has a magnetic field, then yes the strength of the magnetic field will be affected in accordance with the principle of superposition as tavi_boada states. Otherwise, no, the magnetic field strength would be unaffected. Or of course is the object is composed of a magnetic shielding material.
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