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Homework Help: Magnitude of the angular momentum?

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    A particle with charge 6.40 * 10^(-19) C travels in a circular orbit with radius 4.68 mm due to the force exerted on it by a magnetic field with magnitude 1.65 T and perpendicular to the orbit.

    It then asks for the linear and angular momentum.

    I got the linear momentum by using an equation I found in the text. But I didn't find any equation for the angular momentum, and that is where I'm stuck at.
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    Let's start with a definition: http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/physics/AngularMomentum.html" [Broken].
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    radou, thanks a lot. I was thinking about [tex]L = I\omega[/tex], but I thought that calculating the moment of inertia was probably not the right thing to do in this problem.
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