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Maintaining constant air pressure in leaky container

  1. Nov 15, 2008 #1
    How can I calculate the air-supply flow (q=cfm) needed to maintain, say, p=50 psi of pressure in a (quasi-rigid) cylinder with a Volume of V=30,000 cft, when this cylinder has an open gap (leak) 50 ft long (L=50 ft) and 1/8 inch wide (w=1/8 inch)?

    Is there a simple formula I can use to compute the necessary capacity of an air compressor (needed for supplying the air flow) as a function of the parameters given above
    [q=f(p,V,L,w)] ?
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    Use Bernoulli's equation to figure out the airflow through the gap with 50 psi of backpressure. Then divide by 2 to figure in a 50% nozzle efficiency. You'll find it to be an enormous amount of air.
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