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Major GPA

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    I hear all the time on here about "major GPA" and how it's just as or more important as cumulative GPA. I'm kind of confused though what people mean by it - cumulative GPA is easy since you count all classes you've taken in college. But major GPA could be:

    1. Only classes in your major department (say, for me, EE)
    2. Only non-GE classes required for the major (including, say, calc 3, but not including the EE elective that counted only for unit credit)
    3. a combo of 1 and 2 (all classes in your home department plus all outside non-GE requirements like math and physics)
    4. All "technical" classes (all math, physics, and engineering courses taken, regardless of if they're required or not)
    5. Something entirely different?!?!?!

    I would think it would be 4 (or possibly 3) but I just have no clue. My university doesn't define "major GPA" (they do define "department GPA", we have to make a 2.0 both in all classes as well as all classes in the home department)

    So, how do you do it? :)
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    Majore GPA is all the courses required by your department. So yes, it woudl be all EE courses for you. In major GPA is the one that really counts.

    Over here we have a list of all classe you have to take, and its broken down as follows:

    'Core General Education Program' and 'Major Requirements'.

    This is to prevent people from taking lots of liberal arts classes and getting a 3.9, when their in major GPA is really something bogus like a 3.3.

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    No Linear Lagebra?
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    Well, if you want to take it as an elective at the 400 level, then it would count.
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    Do you go to the uni of Maryland?
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