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Makefile in Unix environment: help!

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    NEVER MIND! I finally found a good reference explaining all of this. Sorry for the wasted bandwidth!


    I have this makefile I am trying to understand.

    It goes like this:

    COMP = ifort
    FLAGS = -autodouble etc...
    GLOBALS = a bunch of .o files....

    glue: gluon_operators.o
    $(COMP) $(FLAGS) -o main_program *.o

    gluon_operators.o: gluon_operators.f90 loop_functions.o $(GLOBALS)
    $(COMP) $(FLAGS) -c gluon_operators.f90

    and so on...

    I understand that this is compiling stuff using the Fortran compiler with some flags.

    What I am confused about are the lines with a ":", for example

    glue: gluon_operators.o

    I have no idea what this line does.
    Also, the line

    gluon_operators.o: gluon_operators.f90 loop_functions.o $(GLOBALS)

    is a mystery to me. What does the ":" do?

    Also, I don't understand the line with main_program. It seems to me that the -o says to output the result of the compilation to main_program, but there does not seem to be anything compiled in the first place ?! I would have expected $(COMP) $(FLAGS) program.f90 -o main_program or something similar.

    Also, what does the "*.o" mean at the end of that same line? It says something about all files ending with .o but I don't quite understand the whole line. Maybe it says that anything that will be compiled next must
    put together in the file main_program??

    I would really appreciate help!

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