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Making a website

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    I am thinking of making a website which introduces ideas in modern physics. I am thinking of making it as self-contained as possible, and I would have 2 sections, one physics and one math. But the problem is, which free hoster supports equations? Because I did the material in Ms word using mathtype. Also, is there a programme which would allow me to draw gemetrical figures and show it on the website? Thanks alot. Also, I am thinking of using frontpage, how would i upload my website from there???
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    I did a google search and found this:

    "users of Microsoft Word can automatically export all equations into a folder as GIF, EPS, WMF, or PICT, using the Export Equations command."

    Therefore you'll can just export the equations to a gif and put them into your html content.


    For drawing, I like this program:



    Frontpage should have a wizard for uploading a website. I would check the help documentation.

    You can also upload your files to the website by using an ftp client.
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